Varsity Basketball Schedule

11/17/16 MQPCS CougarsNorthshore Sportsplex04:00 PM
12/01/16 St.PetersOLL06:00 PM
12/05/16 Lake CastleOLL06:00 PM
12/07/16 SMM ChargersOLL05:00 PM
12/08/16 Our Lady of the Lake CardinalsOLL05:00 PM
01/09/17 SMM ChargersSMM05:00 PM
01/10/17 Our Lady of the Lake CardinalsOLLake04:00 PM
01/11/17 MQPCS CougarsOLL05:00 PM
01/24/17 Lake CastleLake Castle05:00 PM
02/08/17 St.PetersSt.Peters06:00 PM