Pre-Kindergarten 3

For Three Year Olds


Language & Reading
• Sing the alphabet and recite nursery rhymes.
• Identify their written name and learn to write their first name.
• Recognize and write the capital letters of the alphabet.
• Identify letters and sounds.
• Understand the concepts of “same” and “different” and identify objects that don’t belong.
• Identify some rhyming words, opposites, and learn to put events in sequential order.

• Identify and classify colors and shapes.
• Rote count to 10, count objects to 10, and recognize numbers to 10.
• Arrange objects from smallest to biggest.
• Learn to identify and complete simple patterns.

• Learn that God made the world and the people in it.
• Learn that God gave us our 5 senses.
• Learn that Jesus died for us, identify Jesus as the Good Shepherd, and feel loved by Jesus.
• Learn that Mary is Jesus’ mother and our mother.
• Become familiar with Bible stories from the Old and New Testament, and lives of the Saints.
• Learn that God wants us to get along.
• Learn that we should always remember to thank God.
• Learn to make the Sign of the Cross.
• Learn prayers: Angel of God, Hail Mary, and Grace before Meals.
• Celebrate Holy Days and the seasons of the Church: Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.
• Learn about our Guardian Angel.
• Participate in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Program.
• Pray the Way of the Cross during Lent.

Social, Emotional, & Physical
• Learn to play and share with others and to take turns.
• Learn to participate in class activities, to listen and to follow directions.
• Learn to ask for help when needed.
• Learn to be quiet while others are speaking.
• Learn to clean up their mess and put toys away.
• Develop fine and large motor skills.
• Learn to hold a crayon and pencil correctly and how to use glue and scissors.

Enrichment Activites

One benefit of Pre-k3 at an academic-focused school is access to enrichment classes. All our students attend classes including Spanish, P.E. and Library that other schools can only offer to middle school and high school students. At OLL, the Pre-k3 classes will have exposure to these enrichment classes, as well as daily art and music incorporated into the curriculum.


A Catholic Education is a life-long gift for your child. We have morning and afternoon prayer, grace before lunch, and daily Religion class for Pre-k3. The curriculum teaches that God is present in ordinary things and everyday activities. Students will develop a love for Jesus through prayer, Bible stories, and songs. Religion class is enriched by the “Catechesis of the Good Shepherd,” a highly-acclaimed Montessori-based program. Throughout the school, our discipline system is founded on Christian Behavior, and this shapes the way our students respectfully interact with each other and their teachers.


  • Maximum of 16 students in each class with a teacher plus an aide
  • Curriculum of daily Religion, reading-readiness with color and letter each week, mathematics with a  number and shape each week, and various science and social studies topics.
  • All 3 year olds must be potty-trained by August 1 to attend.
  • Daily snack, recess, and nap time
  • Daily music and art activities
  • Frequent enrichment classes such as P.E., Spanish, and Library
  • Progress evaluations at midterm and end of year to gauge readiness for Pre-k4