Extra Curricular’s

Extra curricular’s offer students a variety of ways to share and further their talents. By joining these groups students can explore and develop their skills along with finding others with similar interests.

Members of the Spirit Squad are taught routines and perform at OLL games, Mardi Gras parades and school-related activities. The Spirit Squad provides an opportunity for students to display their talents and experience the fun, and the ability of working as a team.

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Allows for continued development of artistic skills of dedicated students in the discipline of visual arts and to prepare our students for advanced opportunities in High School and beyond.
Choir & piano provide the opportunity for instruction in vocal and piano lessons through participation in individual and group performances. This group participates in OLL activities, some masses, and performs during some holidays. They meet once a week during the school year.
The purpose of this group is to create enthusiasm for superior scholarship; to develop citizenship; to stimulate a desire to serve; to promote leadership; and to instill exemplary qualities of character.
National Honor Society is open to qualified 6th and 7th graders. Students are evaluated based on outstanding Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service.

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Student Council is an organization of official representatives elected by the student body. The Executive Board is composed of a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.
Is designed to help students work as a team to build, program, and learn skills in robotics and to advance to competitions.
Chess Club is open to any student who plays chess or who wishes to learn. Chess teaches essential critical thinking skills like evaluation, prediction, and perception. Members of the Chess Club will learn essentials of the game and compete in tournaments.
Students will be exposed to different aspects of theater. The club will work on creative thinking skills, encourage teamwork, and provide students with enriched learning experiences in the area of performing arts.
Students create awareness and appreciation of the environment, and the need to protect our natural resources by participating in and sponsoring recycling drives and other service projects which benefit our school and community.
Competitive, academic activity for which players attend meetings and then represent their school at tournaments.
Is a television station which broadcasts within our school only. Activities consist of weekly broadcasts covering school activities, birthdays, and upcoming events.

The OLL Mission Club is open to students in grades X – X. The club meets monthly to discuss ways that young people can serve as missionaries in our world today. Students are involved in many of the activities and resources shared with us by the Missionary Childhood Association of the Archdiocese of New Orleans which includes the MCA Mission Prayer Card Contest, Toy Contest, Catholic Schools’ Stamp Contest, mission videos, and special field trips.

Sponsored by Fr. Wayne Paysse and Pauline Marques

Catholic Athletes for Christ. OLL is an Affiliate Chapter of the Pope John Paul II
High School’s Catholic Athletes for Christ (CAC) Chapter. CAC provides student
athletes an opportunity to both practice and share their faith with teammates
and the greater community.

Sponsored by Kathy Carter